(2012-on going / performance installation )


CEEPORT is a collaborative project exploring our perception of the tragic, as well as the tragedy of our perception. It is a performance installation in which a body, an installation of aluminium foil, light and sound constantly redefine each other. CEEPORT invites the audience to enter an environment where cyclical interactions generate the most unpredictable phenomena.

CEEPORT is a performance, and it is a collaboration process started in 2012, after an initiative of artist/choreographer Yurie Umamoto to work on the creation of a solo around the idea of the tragic. Soon enough the project evolved into a complex collaborative process with an interdisciplinary approach, leading to discover a common interest in researching a tragedy of perception.

Through an organic process, CEEPORT developed towards a monumental installation which radically transforms the theatre space, not only on the level of its appearance, but also facilitating new modes of perceiving the relations between sound, body, material and light.

The project has been in development for the last five years. With intensive periods in the studio and extensive periods of loose communication, the production process reflects on aspects of duration, cycles and timing as much as the performance itself. 

Dance/Choreography: Yurie Umamoto

Light: Pablo Fontdevila

Sound/Music: Douwe Smit

Space/Costumes: Kumi Umamoto

Dramaturgy: Igor Dobričić 


With the support of: CLOUD (The Hague), Dansateliers (Rotterdam), Dansmakers (Amsterdam), K3 (Hamburg), Summer Studios (Brussels), Tanzfabrik (Berlin), Pianofabriek (Brussels), workspacebrussels (Brussels), wpZimmer (Antwerp), C-TAKT (Neerpelt/Ghent) and Veem House for Performance (Amsterdam)

 A work-in-progress showing at Les Brigittiness in Working Title Platform #08, Brussels (2014)

Photos: Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker