(2012-on going / performance installation )


CEEPORT is a collaborative project exploring our perception of the tragic, as well as the tragedy of our perception. CEEPORT moves away from the traditional hierarchies between performer and environment, between human and non-human, producing new modes of perceiving the relations between sound, body, material and light.

CEEPORT is currently comprised by 3 acts:

*ACT1 is a 3-day online streaming, allowing the audience to witness the building-up of the aluminium installation.

*ACT2 is a live performance, where audience and artists gather in the same space to share an experience of present time.

*ACT3 is a video installation that remains in the venue after the team has left, a documentation of the dismantling of the aluminium installation.

Inspired by the concepts of tragedypure duration and butterfly effect, CEEPORT invites the audience on a sensorial journey (a trip), where shapes and textures, physical intensities, architectural lines, sounds and colors create the visual flows of a 4D/four-dimensional music.

The project followed an initiative of artist/choreographer Yurie Umamoto in 2012 to work on the creation of a solo on 'the tragic', and soon enough it evolved into a complex collaborative process. In development for over six years, the production process reflects on aspects of duration, cycles and timing as much as the performance-installation itself.



Dance/Choreography: Yurie Umamoto

Light: Pablo Fontdevila

Sound/Music: Douwe Smit

Space/Costumes: Kumi Umamoto

Dramaturgy: Igor Dobričić 


Co-producing: C-TAKT and Veem House for Performance

With the support of: wpZimmer, workspacebrussels, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Dansateliers, Dansmakers Amsterdam, K3/Tanzplan Hamburg, Summer Studios and CLOUD/Danslab 

More info →www.durations.space

Photos: Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker